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Sunday, June 20th, 2021

🚨 $CCV/@thrasio: Money making monster dominating the Amazon marketplace!

– Fastest US company ever to reach PROFITABLE unicorn status – founded in 2018
– 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50
– $500 million in revenue (2020)
– Over 100 brands with 22,000 products

Time for a thread! 🧵⬇️
Amazon Marketplace sellers moved more than $300 billion of product in 2020. That would make Amazon Marketplace the 42nd-largest economy in the world ranked by GDP.
What does Thrasio do?

It finds the “top-reviewed, bestselling” essential everyday products on Amazon, and buys the brands from the small business owners.

Many of those (usually seven-figure) businesses have grown faster than the owners have expected.

Thrasio comes in, pays these often mom and pop shop owners upwards of $1 million for their business, and then integrates the brands.

There’s not a lot of institutional buyers out there for companies with less than $5 million in profit.

“If you’re somebody who’s been able to build a couple-of-million-dollars business, there comes a day when you realize you need to manage a global supply chain, marketing effort, and your own creative team, and your operations, and your legal effort”

Since the beginning of 2021, Therasio has been acquiring $1.5 million in revenue per day. Thrasio is now closing two or three new deals EVERY week.

To date, the company has acquired over 100 brands with 15k products, with new products being added daily.

“What started as a simple idea, putting together a collection of good quality third-party products, has snowballed into a business with $500 million in pro forma sales. With revenue doubling around every 73 days, and ownership of nearly 100+ brands.”

In December 2020, Thrasio expanded to the German marketplace, committing $225 million to acquire German e-commerce businesses,

A quick look on Thrasio’s LinkedIn.

Over 1,000% growth over the past 2 years!

(+ job postings for the French, UK, and other APAC markets)
Thrasio during Amazon Prime Day:

Thrasio’s portfolio of private label brands saw approximately 60% growth in revenue year over year across Amazon’s global marketplace compared to those same brands results for Prime Day 2020.

Thrasio CEO hints last week on Yahoo Finance that a SPAC deal is on the horizon.

Thrasio Named by Glassdoor as One of The Best Places To Work in 2021

*Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this thread should be construed as investment advice.

*Disclaimer 2.0: This is still a rumor as per Bloomberg on June 11. Valuation impending between $2-10 billion (hoping for the lower end!)…
How does Thrasio marketplace brands perform post-acquisition ?

TrailBuddy (outdoor adventure gear):

The trekking poles catapulted the brand from #99 to an all-time high Amazon ranking of #8, resulting in a 137% increase in rev for the brand’s first year in Thrasio’s portfolio.
Shiatsu foot massagers by Cloud Massage, already a customer favorite, became even more popular as Thrasio built rank and reviews, nabbing the Best Seller Badge as the 2020 self-care trend exploded.

The brand enjoyed a 275% revenue increase for the year
Car vacuum brand ThisWorx was one of Thrasio’s standout YOY improvements of 2020.

Results: 98% improvement in Best Seller Rank rank in the first three weeks, ending with a 440% increase in revenue YOY!

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