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New Data Points, Filters, and a new table view have been added to the Pro Screener as of 4/26:

New Data Points

Estimated $ Discount/premium to trust value per share (Votes/Action View)

New Filters

Upcoming Deadline filters in 1-4 month increments (found under the SPAC Filters in the Pro filters section)

**Please note that a list of all the data points available on the Pro Screener with download eligibility can be found here:

4/ 14/ 22 Updates:

Votes / Actions View

A downloadable table view to quickly access upcoming vote details, trust per share details, disc/prem to trust, & other relevant data points

New Data Points

Disc/prem to trust (Votes/Action View) and Merger Partner Geography (Deal Details View)

New Filters

Warrant Coverage, Upcoming Vote (definitive merger or extension vote scheduled), Merger Partner Geography

3/ 15/ 22 Updates:

New Data points:

Default View and SPAC Details View:

NAV (Trust per share) from proxy filing, Date of filing used for Trust per Share, Link to relevant filing

SPAC Details View:

Upcoming extension vote date,  extension vote link, extension vote redemption date, extension vote ex. redemption date

New De-SPAC Filters:

Completed in 2022, Redemption Levels (<50%, 50%+, 75%+, 90%+), Post-closing S-1 effective

1/23/22 Updates:

Download Update: All the data points/columns in “Quotes View” are now available to export, in addition to the “Default View” data points

Separated “Details View” into “SPAC Details View” and “Deal Details View”

Added a “DA: Merger Approved” filter within the Status grouping for SPACs whose shareholders approved the merger but the transaction has yet to close

Other New Filters: Warrants Called, Overfunded Trust, Warrants and Commons near 52-week low and 52-week high

New Data points: NAV at IPO (trust value per share at IPO) in the SPAC Details View


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