What the $DWAC?!

Contributor Post by Nikita Arora

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Hi Folks!


Hope you’re having a truthful and a social Sunday. I don’t know about y’all but I’m really looking forward to joining TRUTH Social when the app launches in February 2022! In fact, I am so excited that I decided to test-create a social feed on how it would look once it’s live. Below are some of the truths from the past week that were posted online, after the $DWAC deal was announced and the stock rose over 800% in two days, finally making Trump a billionaire (albeit on paper yet again).




Amen to that.



The product may not be ready yet (or ever) but the product market fit is already there…



And the valuation relative to peers…pleaseee don’t even. This bad boy gonna 300x in a decade. Chamath please step aside with your 10x in 10 years…



But it looks like poor Hektor missed the $DWAC trade 🙁



However, @Most_sir8172 killed it!



Hmmm…could it be that @HektorFromTroy’s wife is dating @Most_sir8172??!!


Regardless, the Diamond Hands are real…



The @YoloTraderXXX has the entire family yolo-ing…



And bonding over bagholding is real…



Finally, if you’re looking for a financial advisor, worth giving @cgrich3 a call…



And never ever again underestimate…



Have a great week ahead! And unleash all your non-woke truths cuz Donald Pump, the bringer of tends and golden showers, has got your back!



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