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Daniel Johnson, CPA

About Daniel

Daniel is one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the SPAC twitter community. He is a seasoned investor in the public markets with 12 years of experience. His background as a CPA gives him an additional lens in which to critically assess companies’ historical and projected financials.


Since mid-2020, Daniel has been spending a significant amount of his time helping retail investors understand and navigate the SPAC world. His SPAC analysis and data tables, such as his weekly SPAC SEC filing progress table and SPAC merger partner “revenue screeners” have been instrumental in keeping a great deal of his followers informed.

Daniel's Posts

SPAC Deal Progress Screen

Below is a screener with all the SPACs that have announced a definitive agreement. This table tracks how all SPACs with a definitive agreement are progressing through the merger process via the SPAC’s SEC filings. SPACs with new filings this week are highlighted orange. SPACs that have set the date for their shareholder meetings to approve their mergers are highlighted green.

Deal Screener

Below is the Deal Screener with all SPACs that have announced a definitive agreement.


Pro forma market cap and revenue data for 2020 – 2023 pulled directly from the investor presentation provided by management and filed with the SEC. See the far right column for a link to the investor presentation.


Other calculations include – pro forma market cap at current stock price (current price/$10 * pro forma Market Cap at $10), revenue growth rate percentages for 2020 – 2023, and price to sales (revenue) multiple for 2021 – 2022.


Filters include – by sector, by size of revenue in 2020 – 2022, and my 2 screeners of “$50M revenue in 2020 + >50% growth rate in 2021” and “$20M revenue in 2020 + >100% growth rate in 2021”



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