Nightcap: Ready your breakfast and eat hardy on Monday morning, for next week we have 10 merger meetings

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The Weekly Stats:

The Stats:



The Deals:

1) Altimar Acquisition Corp. II (ATMR: $9.86) & Fathom Digital Manufacturing Corporation

Fathom Digital Manufacturing Corporation, an On-Demand Manufacturing Leader, to Go Public Through a Business Combination with Altimar Acquisition Corp. II (Press Release)

  • Merger Partner Description:

Fathom is one of the largest on-demand digital manufacturing platforms in North America, serving the comprehensive product development and low- to mid-volume manufacturing needs of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. With more than 25 unique manufacturing processes and a national footprint with nearly 450,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity across 12 facilities, Fathom seamlessly blends in-house capabilities across plastic and metal additive technologies, CNC machining, injection molding & tooling, sheet metal fabrication, and design and engineering.

  • Valuation: $1.49B Pro-forma EV

  • PIPE: $80M

Quick News Corner:

  • Stable Road Acquisition Corp. (SRAC: $10.49) provided the option to PIPE investors to terminate their subscription agreements due to the SEC order. SRAC announced the PIPE is reduced from $175M to $110M, and the PIPE investors will be issued 1 warrant per share
  • FG New America Acquisition Corp. (FGNA: $11.20) shareholders approve the merger with OppFi

  • Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation (DCRB: $10.33completes its merger with Hyzon Motors. Set to trade as HYZN starting Monday.

  • Empower Ltd. (EMPW: $9.80completes its merger with Holley. Set to trade as HLLY starting Monday.

New S-1s (2)

1) Aquarius II Acquisition Corp. (AQUB)

  • $50M, 1/2 Warrant

  • Directors
    Chunning Wang (CEO of Lion Group Holding)

  • S-1 Link

2) Golden Ventures Acquisition Corp (GVAC)

  • $100M, 1/2 warrant

  • Focus: Commodities, including those related to the energy transition

  • S-1 Link

Upcoming Dates:

Next Week’s Announced Shareholder Meetings, Unit Splits, Warrant Redemptions

Monday, July 19th

  • Merger Meeting: Andina Acquisition Corp III (ANDA: $9.45) & Stryve

  • Unit Split: OceanTech Acquisitions I Corp. (OTEC-U: $10.16)

  • Arrival (ARVL: $13.51) Redemption of Public Warrants

Tuesday, July 20th

  • Merger Meetings:

    Gores Holdings VI, Inc. (GHVI: $13.44) & Matterport

    Tailwind Acquisition Corp. (TWND: $9.31) & QOMPLX

    Ascendant Digital Acquisition (ACND: $9.13) & MarketWise

    Property Solutions Acquisition (PSAC: $13.26) & Faraday Future

    Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp (RAAC: $9.00) & Berkshire Grey

Wednesday, July 21st

  • Merger Meetings:

    Tuscan Holdings Corp (THCB: $11.17) &Microvast

    CM Life Sciences, Inc. (CMLF: $11.39) & Sema4

    10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp (VCVC: $9.71) & REE Automotive

Thursday, July 22nd

  • Merger Meeting: Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV: $22.79) & Lucid Motors

  • Unit Split: Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp. (LAAA-U: $10.22)

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